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Ultra Thin Client


  • Axel Inc, is a Manufacturer of Ultra Thin Client with more than 3500 customers worldwide.

Axel design and manufacture innovative TCP/IP based Thin Client Terminals and Office Servers for Windows, Unix/Linux and AS/400 environments. Axel products are unique in having no embedded operating system - setting a new benchmark for cost against performance, ease of security.

Our OS less technology is unique and 100% virus proof. We are compatible with all OS systems  - Windows,  Citrix, VMWARE, UNIX, Linux, Mainframe, AS 400,  etc. 

Our units are warranted 5 years. 





· Built around a group of security architecture experts and pentesters in 2007, ITrust provides its customers with a high level of expertise and innovative solutions, both enabling them, over time, to significantly and continuously increase their security level.

· ITrust is best known for being a cybersecurity service provider (consulting, auditing, MSSP), as well as an innovative solution provider. ITrust distinguishes itself as the European leader of two sectors: vulnerability management (with IKare) and detection of unknown attacks, APTs and malicious behaviors by means of behavioral analysis (with Reveelium). 

· Our leading solutions are non-intrusive and can be easily integrated within existing infrastructures, enabling managers and security analysts alike to focus on their core activity, rather than on setting-up new tools. At the intersection of cybersecurity, Big Data and artificial intelligence, Reveelium is a unique solution for detecting stealthy and sophisticated threats.

· ITrust is more than 300,000 IPs audited annually by our innovative solution IKare

Augmented Reality/Photographic Process supporting 3D Object Integration in Real Time



  • Car Augmented Reality Operation.· 
  • Security and confidentiality · 
  • No need to carry the vehicle on set.
  • Physically based on 3D car original/manufacturer data · 
  • Virtually unlimited resolution possibilities.  
  • Redundancy: a picture can be used at any time for another model · 
  • Significant cost reduction for production 
  • Shorten rendering and post processing timeframe · 
  • Data Security and Encryption by using cloud solution 




Experience ! 


Augmented Reality Engine


 Our support systems in general have been streamlined. The ShiVa3D Slack channel has been a big success and largely replaced the forum as a place to ask questions and receive quick support by both the community and us developers. And instead of using the ticketing system, our customers have been contacting us directly via e-mail. Going forward, we will reduce our support systems to the 3 most effective ones: Slack, the new forum, and direct e-mail support. All other systems are either being removed or put into read-only mode to keep their content as a searchable reference.

The Beta portal has been modified again too. In February 2019, we phased out the old StoneTrip beta page in favor of a download widget which pulled either the most recent stable beta release or the most current DR build onto your computer. Starting immediately, we are combining the beta downloads with the new licensing system, decoupling everything from Beta logins are now the same as your license logins. The beta download page now offers you a full table of releases instead of just the most recent one, in case you need to roll back your installation.



Nous sommes une societe d’accompagnement à l’international, specialisée sur l’Amérique du Nord. Selon les besoins et objectifs, nous intervenons sur des missions à court et long terme.


  • Avantages
    Utilisation immédiate d'une structure et de ressources existantes
  • Expérience du pays
  • Maîtrise des Coûts
  • Maîtrise linguistique
  • Facilité de communication

International Development

International Activities

At the request of the U.N. and U.S.A.I.D., we have installed computer networks in more than 40 countries worldwide. With the help of our local partners, we provide installation, support, maintenance and training In addition, we offer innovative solution from project design to various commodities including professional video equipment and others.We are your permanent relay in solving problems relating to spare parts deliveries, warranty policies application, and technical support.

Market Assesment

Renown International Consulting companies such as Accenture, KPMG and others bring their expertise to large organizations while lacking specific offer for Small Business. Nowadays, the most innovative IT companies are small & medium businesses, usually dedicated 100% of their resources in the development of their products and services. These entities are well aware of the necessity to compete on a global scale and need assistance to do so. JBIG will become a source for solutions to these entities, bringing its experience as a small business, multi-cultural knowledge, immediate international presence, advanced technological expertise, proven sales record and an existing clients list. JBIG is the Small & Medium Business International Partner.

Technical Expertise

Nowadays, major IT projects call for more technical tools, knowledge and experience which cannot be delivered by a single manufacturer or developer while, in the mean time, insisting of the necessity to deal with a single vendor. While major players such as IBM services, Cap Gemini and others, often lead a project, they need to contract small & medium business such as Axel, Inc. and Seclud IT to complete the needs of these complex projects. JBIG will address this problem, having identified a logical collection of various services and products that represent the type of global offers favored by our customers. JBIG positions itself as a dynamic alternative and a strong competitor.

Organizational Approach

JBIG is a team of skilled individuals eager to promote a dynamic International business approach based on their long management experience. To generate steady revenue and high profit JBIG will hire a small but highly committed and knowledgeable staff. JBIG will contract external consultants as needed to control budget per project and payroll expenses. Regardless of the market type, quality of customer service and technical support are a key element to succeed. To serve this purpose JBIG will take advantage of the most efficient technology to operate, communicate and deliver on a permanent basis. All key managers are connected on a 24/7 basis, making sure all customersŐ request will be addressed on a timely manner. JBIG organization is defined by commitment, flexibility, availability and reliability.

Global Network

Our presence outside of USA and Europe is already active via a network of partners. We intend to increase our business presence in these regions, and to provide the necessary training and marketing tools. Developing countries offer opportunities as they elect to buy the best and the latest technology available rather than enhancing existing and (at times) obsolete infrastructure. Our partners are leaders in their respective market and are the perfect relay to deliver JBIG products and services. JBIG, a real International presence blended with local experience.

JBIG Worldwide Patners

Argentina - Belgium - Brazil

Canada - China - Colombia 

France - Guinea - Italy

Korea - Luxembourg - Malaysia

Namibia - Netherlands - Poland

South-Africa - Switzerland - UK


About Us

Our team

JB International Inc has a team of international's experts and consultant with years of experience.

Our history

JB International was created in France in 1985. Moved to Tampa Florida in 1994 and Bluffton South Carolina in 2014. References and International partners contacts available upon request.

Our specialities

 Manage Multi-vendors International project for United Nations and USAID in 30 countries. Logistics, implementation, training and maintenance program. • Representation of European companies in North America, including development of a distributors network, managing all aspect of importation/shipment/distribution from the factory in Europe to the buyer in North America • Consulting for European companies on International purchasing and sales, including recommendation on international export/import procedures, local regulation, inspection and certification of product. • International Products sourcing and vendor’s validation. • Establishment of sales and support network worldwide. • Built a network of 400 resellers/customers 


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